Current Members

sergioneiroDr. Sergio Neiro - Visiting Professor (Professor Adjunto IV in Brazil)
Operational planning of an Argon supply chain


yawei-duDr. Yawei Du - Visiting Professor (Honorary Associate)
Modeling and optimization of separation processes


huangkefeng-3Dr. Kefeng HuangPostdoctoral Researcher
Process synthesis and analysis of biomass-to-chemicals processes



Dr. Rex NgPostdoctoral Researcher
Biofuel supply chain optimization


file_000-1Dr. Peyman Fasahati Postdoctoral Researcher
Process synthesis and analysis for sustainable biofuels and biochemicals production from biomass


profile-3-squareDhruv GuptaPhD Student
Online scheduling


tony-wuTony (Wenzhao) Wu - PhD Student
Synthesis & optimization of bio-based processes


mjr-photoMichael RisbeckPhD Student
Scheduling and optimization of HVAC systems


konglingxun-1Lingxun Kong - PhD Student
Synthesis and analysis of biomass-to-fuels catalytic strategies


ho-jae-leeHo Jae LeePhD Student
Solution methods for chemical production scheduling


pengxinyue-1Xinyue Peng PhD Student
Systems-level studies for concentrated solar power


yifu-chenYifu ChenPhD Student
Chemical production blending, planning, and scheduling


ranjeet-kumarRanjeet KumarPhD Student
Multi-scale scheduling and control of energy systems


avadiappanvenkat-1Venkatachalam Avadiappan - PhD Student
Integration of production scheduling and automation logic


wuyaqing-2Yaqing WuPhD Student
Design of energy systems


Joonjaeimg_0105 Ryu PhD Student
Process optimization and process synthesis


pictureRobert Eduard Franzoi Junior - Visiting Scholar
Scheduling optimization in crude oil refineries


45x35Xiaodong Hong- Visiting Scholar
Synthesis and optimization of heat exchanger networks

Former Members

Pradeep Prasad (postdoc, 2005-2006); Cummins

Charles  Sung (PhD, 2009); Naval Reactors, US Navy

Matthew Colvin (PhD, 2010); Aspen Tech

Arul Sundaramoorthy (PhD, 2011); Praxair

Carlos A. Henao (PhD, 2012); Air Products

Kaushik Subramanian (PhD, 2012);

Ji Yong Kim (post-doc, 2009-2013); Incheon National Univ., Korea, Assistant Professor

Patricia Nason (PhD, 2013)

Sara Velez (PhD, 2014); MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Murat Sen (PhD, 2014); Phillips 66

Jeehoon Han (post-doc, 2012-2014); Chonbuk National Univ., Korea, Assistant Professor

Jeff Herron (post-doc, 2012-2014); The Dow Chemical Company

Andres Merchan (PhD, 2015); Cargill

Srinivas Rangarajan (post-doc, 2013-2016); Lehigh University, Assistant Professor

Kirti Yenkie (post-doc, 2015-2017); Rowan University, Assistant Professor

Bruno Calfa (post-doc, 2015-2017); United Technologies Research Center

Yachao Dong (PhD, 2017); Tuffts University, Post-doc

Wangyun Won (post-doc, 2015-2017); Changwon National University, Korea, Assistant Professor

Gautham Ramapriya (post-doc, 2016-2018); ABB